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Breaking Bad Saison 4 French Torrent




and a glass of wine." "Thank you." "We'll make sure you get your money's worth." "More for you." "There you go, please." "What do you mean, there's a fire?" "Oh." "You're not gonna believe it." "Johnny's house burned down." "Seriously?" "Oh, my God." "What?" "What did you say?" "They caught the guy." "He confessed." "What do you mean, he confessed?" "Why?" "The insurance, right?" "Well, I guess he was setting it on fire." "What?" "That's insane." "I know." "And now they're gonna try him for arson." "They think he did it on purpose, so they can take the money." "What a fucking joke." "He must've hated you so much." "Excuse me?" "There's no other reason why someone would set their own house on fire." "Unless they hated you." "You're not thinking." "What a dick." "He must've hated you a lot." "Is it possible you could think about something other than yourself for once?" "Not unless my mind's been taken over by an alien pod person." " Hey." "Hey." " Hi." "How's everything going?" "Yeah, we just got out of jail." "Should we wait for Wes?" "Nope." "We're gonna go home, we're gonna tell them the truth, and then we're done." "So, um, what's this about, dude?" "What do you mean?" "I mean, why are we doing this?" "We're not doing anything." "We're getting out of jail." "That's it." "No, that's not it." "That's not it." "You know what?" "You can do whatever you want, but I'm not doing this." "I'm not." "I'm not doing this." "I'm not doing any of this." "I'm leaving." "I'm going home." "Hey, what the fuck is your problem?" "None of your business." "Seriously, go the fuck home, you son of a bitch." "What the fuck?" "You're not even gonna ask me why I said that?" "You're just gonna walk away?" "How about you look me in the eye, and you ask me why I said that?" "Right." "Yeah, I'm gonna go." "I




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Breaking Bad Saison 4 French Torrent

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